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Multi Mode Fiber LC SC

  • Beyondtech high-quality and Insensitive LSZH LC to SC Fiber Grade: G.657.A2 Patch Cable Single mode 9/125 OS2 fiber is specially designed for fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet Speeds, data center, premises, educational, LAN, SAN, commercial, 10GBASE-L (1310 nm), 10GBASE-E (1550 nm), 1000BASE-LX (1300 nm) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) applications. It supports video, data and voice services.
  • This Beyondtech Fiber OS2 9/125 LC/SC Fiber Patch Cord conforms with TIA/EIA 492AAAA and IEC60793-2-10 A1b standards and complies with RoHS specifications.
  • This SM fiber has an yellow color jacket with a 3.0mm diameter. OS2 cables have a 0.36 dB/km attenuation at 1550 nm - 0.22 dB/km at 1310 nm
  • This LC to SC Single mode Duplex OS2 fiber patch cords operate at -40ΒΊC to +75ΒΊC and have a minimum installation bending radius of 5.0 cm and a minimum long term bending radius of 3 cm.
  • Reduced bend loss sensitivity versus standard telecom fiber patch cables: Optimal for Flexible Installations in indoor cable set-ups they could now be used in walls, ceilings, conduits (FTTH) and other bumpy surfaces without worrying about fiber bends.
  • 3 Meters,LC/PC-SC/PC,Duplex,Singlemode
  • Compatible with all standard fibre optic equipment and connectors
  • Ceramic connectors ensure low signal loss, and high reliability
  • βœ”[OS2 SC-LC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Patch Cable 1m/3ft] RamboCables Fiber Optic Patch Cords SC to LC Single Mode Duplex constructed with SC/UPC to LC/UPC connector, 9/125ΞΌm high rated fiber cladding, 1310/1550nm wavelength, environmentally friendly LSZH Jacket and 2.0mm Cable Diameter.
  • βœ”[Wide Application] This OS2 SC-LC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is ideal for connecting 10G SR, 40G BIDI SR, QSFP+, SFP+ transceivers etc, suitable for 1G/10G/40G/100G/400G Ethernet connections, saves more space for your high density cabling in data centers, cloud storage networks, server farms, computer room wiring, community network construction and any places fiber optic cables are necessary.
  • βœ”[Max Transmission Distance] This OS2 Single Mode Optic Fiber Cable can transmit data for up to 10km at 1310nm, or up to 40km at 1550nm. Bandwidth at 1310nm-1550nm 0.36 dB/km-0.22 dB/km, can operate under temperature -20~70Β°C.
  • βœ”[Industry Standard] OS2 SC-LC Fiber Patch Cord is constructed with LSZH environmentally friendly Jacket. Optimum IL and RL of the Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule ensures stable signal transmission(Accordance with EIA/TIA 604-2, 100% inspected), protecting your network safety. 15mm Minimum Bend Radius improves duct utilization, enabling smaller enclosures.
  • βœ”[Our Service] All products purchased from RamboCables Enjoy 5 years warranty, free replacement and unconditional 90-day full refund guarantee. Should you have any questions, please contact us for further technical support at any time.
  • SpeedaLite single mode fiber patch cables are IEC-61754 and EIA/TIA 604-2 compliant for usage in high speed cabling networks. Your network will be lightning fast, without any lag time between devices.
  • A lifetime investment in your network. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your singlemode LC to SC fiber patch cables won’t fail you when you need them most.
  • Singlemode, OS2 bend-insensitive jacket adds a layer of glass around the core results in a lower index of refraction. This allows for small bending radiuses without significant light loss.
  • Zirconia Ferrules ensure perfect alignment of the fiber after connection to prevent signal loss. Flexible jacket designed specifically to make installation a breeze.
  • We are proud of our ISO 9001-2001 manufacturing facilities that assure consistent quality. Not only do we use the best materials to build all of our cable products, but from polishing paper to epoxy.
  • Fiber Cable Description: OS2 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable 3 Meter | 10Gb Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable with 9/125 Corning optical fiber glass. | Education, Corporate, Military/Defense, Government, Healthcare, Finance, General Commercial, Computer Networking Applications.
  • Fiber Cable Description: OS2 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable 3 Meter | 10Gb Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable with 9/125 Corning optical fiber glass. | Education, Corporate, Military/Defense, Government, Healthcare, Finance, General Commercial, Computer Networking Applications.
  • Fiber Patch Cable Details: 3 Meter (6.56 feet), Duplex (2 fiber strands), yellow PVC jacket, 2.0mm outer diameter, zip-cord reinforced, SMF (Singlemode Fiber) patch cables / jumper cords.
  • Core / Cladding: Corning 9 micron diameter fiber core / 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter). The fiber optic core is surrounded by a transparent, low refraction, cladding material. Light is contained within the fiber core (total internal reflection) causing the fiber within the patch cord assembly to act as a wave-guide. Light travels through the fiber bouncing off the boundary between core & cladding.
  • Optical Mode Type: OS2 (9/125 Singlemode) - 9 micron core, 125 micron cladding. 10 Gigabit speed from 5-10km at 1310nm (10Gbase-L) and 30-40km at 1550nm (10Gbase-E) with 0.4 dB/km maximum attenuation, atm applications. Audio, video, data services supported. ISO / IEC 24702
  • Durable Construction, Commercial Grade | Cost Effective and Built to Last | 100% Lifetime Warranty on All Fiber Cables Direct Products. Superior packaging for safe delivery anywhere in the world, using any available carrier and selected delivery priority.
  • KIT CONTAINS - 8 ST, 8 LC, 5 SC & 5 SC/APC Couplers in Robust and Durable hard plastic carry case organizer.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE - Our Fiber Adapter Kit is ideal for any Singlemode or Multimode application, coupling any ST/LC/SC/SC-APC patch cord. Our couplers consistently deliver top performance to clients around the world.
  • USEFUL DESIGN - Coupler Kits reduce the cost of purchasing separate couplers that are often more expensive. The durable Plano case ensures protection against elements out in the field and helps you organize your bag. Precision tooled metal with close tolerances for exact fit make for ideal couplers
  • TRUSTED SUPPLIER - Since 1989, Pacific Satellite Inc has been installing commercial CATV systems and networks throughout the USA. We always found it difficult to source raw materials for jobs at short notice and at a good price. So we started to source our own fiber products for HDTV, SDI, and Analog MATV systems. This need has created our brand, FiberShack, your mission critical supplier for all Optical Fiber needs
  • Connect fiber network devices for high-speed transfers with LSZH rated cable
  • 1 meter Duplex Fiber Cable / ST to SC / Multimode Patch Cable / 1m Multimode 625/125 Duplex Fiber Optic Cable ST to SC
  • OM1 (625/125) multimode fiber
  • LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) cable jacket
  • Immune to electrical interference
  • Low Insertion and Back Reflection Loss
  • Ideal for use in Telecommunication Networks, LAN, WAN and Data Processing Networks
  • It comes with 12 Fusion Splice Protective Shrink Sleeves Ο†2.5 - 40mm long
  • Strands are Individually color coded
  • Pigtails are available in Single mode and Multimode (LC, SC and ST) OS2, OM1, OM3/OM4.
  • Includes 3 Multimode Adapter Plates (ST, SC, & LC)
  • Can be DIN rail or Wall mounted
  • Patch Panel is Made in the USA out of Sturdy Powder Coated Steel
  • Splice Holder Included
  • Includes accessories for Securing Fiber Cable to patch panel.
  • RLH Industries, designing, engineering and manufacturing fiber optic solutions since 1988
  • 50Meters,Outdoor Armored Cable,9/125,LC/PC-LC/PC,Duplex,Singlemode
  • Great flexibility and durability with the a metal sheathing housed in a robust outer jacket over the glass fiber
  • Compatible with all standard fibre optic equipment and connectors
  • Ceramic connectors ensure low signal loss, and high reliability,All our products are 100% new fiber optic cable of carrier-class quality ,and 100% test before delivery.
  • Note:This cable is with weatherproof cover for sunshine and rain, but we donot recommend to bury or line overhead directly.
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