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Single Mode Fiber LC SC

Single Mode Fiber LC SC

Single Mode Fiber LC SC - Single Mode 9/125 (OS2) fiber optic cables are used for single mode applications intended to run long distances due to the low rate of attenuation that results from the single projected light source. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications, this fiber cable will reach distances of up to 10km (6.21371 miles) at 1310 (wavelengths).  LC SC 9/125 Duplex Single-mode fiber optic cable available with quantity discount pricing and several lengths. Not seeing the LC to SC singlemode fiber length cable you need, we can custom build a fiber cable to your specifications! Our high-quality single mode fiber jumper cable is perfect for gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet or any other data application you may need it for. The SC to LC fiber cable is OFNR (Riser) rated and is perfect for using in upright shafts that run between the flooring. The LC to SC patch cable is ideal for longer ranging networks. The SC connector has a simple push/pull motion for quick installation and removal. The LC connector (Lucent Connector) also uses a push/pull motion but has a latch to lock it in, it is perfect for high-density network applications. LC-SC 9/125ΞΌm OS2 Singlemode Duplex PVC Fiber Optic Patch Cable  Single Mode Fiber LC SC - Single Mode Fiber LC SC - Single Mode Fiber LC SC -

Single Mode Fiber LC SC - Fiber Optic Patch Cable also is known as fiber patch cord, optical cable or fiber optic jumper. As an important component commonly used in fiber-optic networks, high-quality fiber patch cable are essential for any high-performance fiber optic networks. We offer an extensive line of LC to SC 9/125Β΅m OS2 single-mode duplex fiber optic patch cables with many choices of different length, jacket material, polish, and cable diameter. Those LC to SC 9/125Β΅m single-mode OS2 fiber patch cables support long transmission distances with lower loss. They are manufactured using high-quality material and are strictly tested for insertion and return loss to ensure superior performance and quality, which provides an ideal fiber cabling solution with the extremely competitive price for users in data communication and telecommunication networks.  Single Mode Fiber LC SC - Single Mode Fiber LC SC -

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