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The iPad Mini

the ipad mini

The iPad Mini
Apple’s smallest iPad was given a substantial facelift at the end of 2021. Sporting a complete redesign incorporating a edge-to-edge display with no Home button, Touch ID on the power button, the addition of USB C instead of Lightning, and increasing the display size for the first time since the model was first introduced all the way back in 2012. So, with the mini celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2022, what will Apple do to mark the occasion? Here’s all we know so far about the new iPad mini 7th generation (2022).

The iPad mini - 7 release date: When will the new iPad mini be released?
There hasn’t been much in the way of rumors regarding the next version of the iPad mini, so at the moment it remains mere speculation when it might arrive. To give us some insight, here’s when the last few models made their debuts:

The iPad mini - iPad mini 6th generation: September 2021
The iPad mini - iPad mini 5th generation: September 2019
The iPad mini - iPad mini 4th generation: September 2015
The iPad mini - As you can see, September is the traditional month in which the new iPad mini appears, although the release pattern in terms of years is a bit scattershot.

Apple does have an event on September 7, but we don’t expect to see new iPads at that event. An update at an October event seems more likely – but even that isn’t certain. iPads generally don’t receive yearly updates consistently, as consumers don’t upgrade them at the same rate as say an iPhone, so it looks likely that the iPad mini 7 might not get an update until September 2023. This could be wrong, of course, in fact, Gizchina suggests that we could see a new iPad mini in the first half of 2023, so a spring launch is possible.  iPad mini 7 price: How much will the new iPad mini cost?
The arrival of the redesigned iPad mini 6th generation saw an increase in price over the previous model. No doubt, this is because of the more expensive construction and upgraded components. Here’s how they compared:

iPad mini 6th generation: £479/$499
iPad mini 5th generation: £379/$399
As Apple has already made the leap to the new styling and features in the 6th generation, we think it’s likely that the price stays the same for the 7th generation, although it is possible that due to currency fluctuations there will be price increases in the UK and at other locations around the world.

iPad mini 7 design and display: Will the iPad mini have a new look?
It’s been surprisingly quiet on the rumor front, with hardly any reports online from the usual leakers and insider sources that have proven rich pickings in past years. Here’s what we’ve managed to uncover.

Display with 120Hz refresh rate and ProMotion
The screen isn’t expected to change from the current 8.3-inch, but there may be new screen technology. A post on the South Korean site in November 2021 indicated Apple had ordered 8.3-inch displays from Samsung that support 120Hz maximum refresh rates. If true, the post on Clien (translated here) could mean the next mini offers the ProMotion ultra-smooth scrolling feature currently seen on the iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro models, and 14- & 16-inch MacBook Pro. This would address the minor issue of “jelly scrolling” that some users have complained about with the current iPad mini.

the ipad mini

the ipad mini

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